As you all know, our mother organization, the PMAAA Inc, by virtue of the original constitution, authorized only 4 chapters (by branch of service), until the clamor of retired PMAyers for their own representative chapter sometime in the late 70's. Thus resulted the creation of BIRC (Business, Industry and the Retired Chapter). This opened the door for other chapters.

Sometime in '88-89, the US PMAyers sought to have their fledgling aggrupation be officially recognized as a chapter, but PMAAAI denied them as it was not allowed under the then prevailing constitution. (Cav Robert Bruce, 1st Norcal President, and myself as VP were involved in that effort). I think it took another two years, and thru the persistent efforts of Cav Carolino '51, to get an amendment of the ByLaws of PMAAAI which gave birth to the Overseas Chapter.

Take note it was not known as the US Overseas chapter, and until now I believe it is the only chapter recognized to comprise all PMAyers who live abroad, not only in the US.

A couple of years ago, when Cav Munasque, presided over PMAAAI, I understood that he liberalized the formation of chapters to make official the many clubs all over the Philippines and abroad. That was when the Norcal chapter came up with its own By laws.

I am not sure if there exists an official roster of chapters at the mother PMAAAI, and if there is, whether or not NorCal is in the list. This is something I will research on.

Through the years, the overseas chapter was based in SoCal because of the overwhelming number of cavaliers in the area, something like 80% of Ayers in the US reside there. Hence the elections and the presidency remained there.

NorCal PMAAA is a subset of the Overseas Chapter, as much as the Socal, Las Vegas, and Northeast chapters; and the Presidency can be aspired for by any overseas PMAyer member of these chapters. Unfortunately, there has not been expressed desire, and presumably therefore no interest, for new elections. The current President is Cav Ariel Domingo '71.

I believe the reasons why are:
  1. Most PMAyers are more involved with their local chapters that there is less concern for the overseas organization. In fact, where Cav Ariel is, what used to be a concurrent position, a separate leadership has emerged in Socal to take care of local chapter affairs.
  2. The overseas chapter president hosts the annual dinner and dance affair, which is quite an expensive affair, and thus, nobody wants the job.
Besides electing a new President, are there ideas for organizational change to strengthen the Overseas Chapter?

Irwin Ver '70
President (2007-2009), PMAAANORCAL